Customise Ubuntu to Optimise Productivity With Unity.
Simple tools that can help you make the best out of your Ubuntu Unity desktop and increase your productivity.
Picking Coupons to Exactly Match Your Bill.
Counting coupons to match your bill is usually a pain both for you and the people behind you in queue. With this coupon calculator, now you can breath easy.
Gmail is getting a new look.
The all new Gmail interface has been released as an opt-in. Here is how you can unlock it and enjoy the cool new features.
SafeSearch With Locking to Protect Kids From Adult Content.
Google now allows locking SafeSearch so you need not worry about inappropriate content when your kids search on the Internet.
Google Maps Gets a Turbo Boost With MapsGL.
Google has introduced an experimental feature for Google maps called MapsGL turning maps to a 3D mirror of the real world.
How to Run Android On Your Computer Using Virtualbox.
Installing and trying out android operating system using virtualbox.
Share Google Reader Items to Google+ Directly.
Google reader hasn't provided an option for sharing stories to Google+. But you can easily add a "Share to Google+" button for your feed items with this simple trick.
Google Rates Facebook to be Better Than Google+.
Google has rated Google+ to be behind Facebook in terms of page rank. Google+ got only 8 whereas Facebook scored 10.
How to Make Firefox do Spell Check Everywhere.
Did you know that Firefox doesn't do spell-check on single line text input fields? But you can easily make Firefox do spell-check everywhere to avoid unnoticed mistakes.
Read QR Codes Directly From Browser Without Using Phone.
Easy way to read QR codes directly from browser without using a mobile phone with QR reader.
How to Get Full URL In Firefox 7 Address Bar.
Firefox 7 shows a shortened URL by default in address bar with http and https removed. If you don't feel comfortable, here is how you can easily make Firefox 7 show the full URL.
How to Make Gmail Load Faster.
Gmail is the most preferred email web service in the world. But if you are low on bandwidth, it's loading time really sucks. Here are some simple tricks to improve Gmail loading time.
How to Share Your Whole Desktop With Others Easily
Best and easiest way to share your desktop with some one else over the Internet.
Gmail Undo - Recovering Mail After Hitting Send Button
How many times have you wished you could take back the email you just sent out. Here is an undo option for Gmail.
Access Gmail, Google Calender and Docs Offline in Chrome
Google's "Offline Google Mail" app to read your mails offline from Chrome browser.
Google Chrome Extension to Send Birthday Wishes to Your Facebook Friends Automatically.
Feeling bad about missing to wish your friend on his birthday? Here is a Google Chrome extension that can automatically send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends.