How to See Google+ in iPad.
A better way to view Google+ on iPad.
Install and Use Google Currents Outside US.
Google currents - A better way to read your favorite websites in android or iOS devices.
Prevent Youtube From Bufferring a Paused Video.
Pausing a Youtube video does not stop the video download. Here is how you can pause the buffering completely.
Listen to Tweets Instead of Reading Them.
A cool new twitter app for android that can read out tweets for you aloud checking for updates automatically.
How to Skip Windows 8 Metro Startup Screen and Go Directly to Desktop
Hate the Metro UI screen on Windows 8 startup? Learn how to skip metro startup screen and go directly to your desktop.
Find Where Your Followers are Located Using TweepsMap
Learn how to find where your followers are from and increase the popularity of your tweets.
How to View WebP Images
WebP - a revolutionary image format from Google with anywhere between 20-30% smaller size than JPEG or PNG.
Use Facebook to Send Money to Friends via Paypal
Add a personal touch to the money you send to your friends or family via Paypal.
Start a Google+ Hangout From Youtube
Youtube videos on Google+ hangout - as good as watching it together in real life.
Google Hotel Finder Makes Hotel Search Easy And Fun.
Google's hotel finder lets you find the best hotels... any where!
How to Share Google Reader items To Google+
Sharing items from Google reader to Google+: Its more than just clicking the +1 button.
Make Your Google+ Posts More Beautiful.
Formatting text and quick shortcuts for Google+ that can make sharing much more fun.
Installing Gimp Plugins.
How to install Gimp plugins.
Watermark Your Photos With One Click Using Gimp.
Watermark your photos to copyright them and prevent misuse with a single click.
Google+ Ripples Lets You See How Your Posts are Shared.
Google+ ripple view shows how your posts were shared - like a pebble dropped in a pond and the ripples flowing outwards.
The Psychology Of Color.
Interesting poster to get a good grasp of color perception and right combinations that can bring "awesomeness" in your work.