QR Code for Your Name, Address, Blog or Anything
A guide to QR codes - creating and using them innovatively to promote your own business, website or blog.
Weather Reports From Google Maps
Now you can see weather reports for your area in Google maps. Google's customizable weather layer can also show cloud cover as well.
Movieplex - A Free Indian Bollywood Movie Portal From Yahoo
Yahoo launches Movieplex - a new movie channel with free streaming new and old Indian Bollywood movies.
How to Repair Damaged Outlook PST files
Outlook showing "pst file corrupted" is a nightmare for anybody. You can use the free hidden tool from Microsoft already installed and available in your computer to fix it.
How to Find Your Router IP Address
How to find your router's IP address.
What's New in iPhone5
A neat and cute poster with details of new features expected in iPhone5.
How to Permanently Delete Google+ Account
Simple steps to easily delete your Google+ account permanently without removing the full Google account.
How To Get Latest Information From Google Search
Do you find information from Google search results a bit old? There are some useful Google filters right under your nose that can give you some surprising results.
How to Hide Your Email Address from Facebook Apps.
Some Facebook apps and games would like to know your real email address before you can add them to your Facebook profile. You can however avoid sharing your email address and still use the app.
How To Check and Detect Wireless Bandwidth Theft
Does your wireless network go slow occasionally? It could easily be due to wireless bandwidth theft by a hacker. Here is a simple trick to check and detect bandwidth theft easily.
View Facebook And Twitter Posts Inside Google+
Have you joined Google+? Well you can now easily view your Twitter and Facebook live stream inside Google+ itself.
How To Add a Second Router to Increase Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Range.
Simple trick to extend the range of your wireless network with a spare second router.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is The Most Popular Person In Google Plus
Facebook CEO Mark Zukerburg has joined Google Plus, it's most dreaded enemy... and on top of it is the most followed person in Google Plus. Can you believe it?
Hide Windows Drive or Partition Easily.
Have lot of stuff in your windows drive that you want to hide from others? Here is a simple technique with which you can hide your windows drives easily.
Share Your Desktop Screen For Remote PC Acess With Someone Else's Desktop
An easy and simple way to share your desktop screen with some one else directly over the internet. You can remote control your partner, show your desktop to a partner or transfer files between computers.
Incredibly Cool USB Drives From Around the World.
We all carry our USB drives around. Instead of the usual boring unattractive sticks, why not carry one of these creative USBs which will also make a style statement for you.