Show Only Selected Pictures in Your Android Phone to Someone Without Letting Him See The Others.
Want to show some photos to your friend, but don't want to hand over the phone in case he keeps swiping? Here's the perfect solution for your android phone.
Adsense Service Tax For Indian Website Publishers.
How service tax is going to be charged on ads shown via adsense in Indian websites.
Schedule and Send New Year Greetings at Any Specific Time Using Gmail.
Give your friends and family a surprise. Send them a new year wish at the break of new year sleeping in your bed or partying hard.
How to Run Windows 8 Metro Apps as Administrator.
Quick tip on how to run Windows 8 metro apps as administrator. Unlike Windows 7, you don't get the classic popup menu with right click on the metro UI.
How to Create, Merge, Expand Or Shrink Partitions in Windows 7, 8, Vista.
Learn how to create, merge, expand, shrink and delete partitions in Windows 7, windows 8 or vista without using any third party tools. Creating partitions even helps save data in case of a hard disk corruption as well.
Make Adobe Acrobat the Default PDF Reader in Windows 8.
Windows 8 doesn't make Adobe Acrobat Reader as default for PDF files. If you would like to make Acrobat Reader the default instead of Windows Reader, here's how to do it.
How to Find Out The Location in a Photo.
Did you ever wanted to know the location of that beautiful place you saw in a photo? Here's an easy way to find out using Google image search.
Hidden Themes in Windows 7 - Unlock Now.
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How to Track Your Gmail Login Activity.
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OpenSearch Trick To Add Google Autocomplete To Any Search Engine.
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Know how Popular You are On Google+
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How to Share Google Reader items To Google+
Sharing items from Google reader to Google+: Its more than just clicking the +1 button.
When Browser Comparison Becomes a Bit Creative!
Browser wars - a poster on how the major browsers fare when compared.
Weather Reports From Google Maps
Now you can see weather reports for your area in Google maps. Google's customizable weather layer can also show cloud cover as well.
Scare Crow to Discourage Wireless Theft.
How to put a scare crow to discourage your neighbor from using your wireless network.
Download Videos From Youtube and More Than 250 Other Streaming Websites.
Most video streaming sites like youtube allows video uploads but not downloads. Now you can freely download videos from youtube and more than 250 other web sites easily.