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Huawei's net battery technology enables charging half the battery in just 5 minutes.
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The best 20 jokes that are popular among programmers.
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What Does the “i” in iMac, iPod and iPhone Actually Mean
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Where is This Internet?
Did you know that over 550k miles of underwater cable span the earths diameter to let you access the world wide web?
FBI Can Remotely Switch On The Microphone Of Your Android Device Silently.
Recent report suggest that the FBI has enough technology to turn on microphones or webcams or laptops and android devices remotely without you knowing.
India By Train - Through Steve McCurry's Eyes.
Steve McCurry's amazing photography based on Indian railway during the eighties.
What happens In One Minute Across The Web In 2013.
Interesting infographic showing major activities happening every minute over the internet in 2013.
ORB - The Mobile Headset In A Ring.
ORB - A ring that doubles as a full fledged mobile headset with just a twist.
See What the NSA Knows From Your Gmail Account.
MIT project code named Immersion lets you know what the NSA can learn from your gmail account without even scanning your email content.
Mission Impossible Style Exploding Glasses from Kopparberg
How Kopparberg made their glasses anti-theft with a gadget inspired from Mission Impossible.
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Gag Maker is a simple and easy to use tool from googags using which any body can create their own gags.
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Infograhic detailing the world's top 10 mobile phones which has been sold the most till date.
Internet Explorer Wishes Mozilla On Its 15th Anniversary.
Internet Explorer wishing Mozilla on their 15th anniversary.
Winners Of HackU 2013 Contest at IIT Madras
HackU contest 2013 brought out some brilliant ideas into conception. Here are the winners and their ideas.