There are two ways you can try out android on your computer. One way is to use virtual box and the other is to run android using Google's simulator. The drawback of simulator is that it takes up a lot of CPU and depending on your machine, could feel a bit slow.

Here is a quick video showing how you can install and try out android operating system using Virtualbox on your computer. Before that, here are some links that you will need from the video.

- Download Virtualbox from here.
- Download android ISO from here

One caveat here is you won't be able to install apps from Google market in android running in Virtualbox. The reason is that all apps in Google market are compiled for android running in phones which have the ARM processor. The android running in Virtualbox is running on Intel or AMD processor of your computer directly and hence the apps can't run here.

But not to worry. The andAppStore that comes installed has many apps which you would like to try. But if you really want to install Google Market app, you need to install android using Google's simulator.