There are two situations when you really hate coupons while shopping -

  1. The person ahead of you in the long billing queue is taking time trying coupon combinations to best match his bill.
  2. You are doing the combinations and all people behind you are frowning at you.

Most of us just quickly pick out a bunch having the easy-to-count denominations like 10, 20, 50 etc and pay in cash for the balance. In most cases coupons with lesser value or not-so-easy denominations like 19, 28, 99 etc are left for the end. This is mostly the case when you use food or meal coupons like Sodexo.

If you have an android phone, Coupon Calculator app can really save you all the frowning and frustrations. Not only can it calculate the exact coupon combination for your bill, it can also be used as your coupon accountant as well.

Let's see it in action. The first step after opening the app is to add the coupons you have-

Now you are all set. Next time you want to pay using coupons, you open the app and enter your bill amount in the "spend" tab. Coupon calculator will do some extreme calculations to figure out the best coupon combination. Let's see an example for a bill of say 221 -

Without Coupon Calculator, I would have just picked 4 coupons of 50 and one of 15 to make it 215 and pay balance by cash. Thanks to Coupon Calculator, I didn't have to pay any cash. Once you calculate and pay, click on deduct and Coupon Calculator will update the coupon numbers in your store.

In situations where an exact match is not possible, Coupon Calculator will show the best match possible. For instance, for a bill of 104 and coupon inventory as as above, the best match calculated will be -

Another cool feature of Coupon calculator is that you can keep track of your bill payments as well as the places you have paid the bills using Google maps. Once you click "Deduct", Google map will show up with your current location. You can select the location and add an optional comment as well. All details are stored and can be accessed from the logs section any time.

So go ahead and install the Coupon Calculator from the android market or point the QR reader on your android phone to the QR code below.