There are many web services like, and which can help you find the top influential people in Google+. But have you ever thought what your score on Google+ would be?

Check out PlusClout which can show how influential you are on Google+ with a score. The PlusClout score is a number between 1 and 100 - higher the better. To calculate the score, it gathers your information from it's sister site - As per PlusClout -

The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing etc. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score.

To know your score, just grab your id from your Google+ profile URL, input it to PlusClout and it will do the rest -

In addition to your score, it also shows a small graph of how your influence has grown in the past 5 days. There is a handy embed code as well, if you are in a mood to show off on your website or blog.

You can also have your clout score show up on your Google+ page directly with this chrome extension.

So how credible is this score? Well if you analyze the graph, you can see its not just giving you a "make me happy" number. On the days you didn't post or had comparatively lesser posts, you score goes down and on the days you do post, your score shoots up. Looks like the PlusClout score depends heavily on your follower count, posts, comments and +1s you receive each day. Stop posting anything for a few days and your score nose dives.

While the site is fun, your score truly reflects your popularity. Eager to know your how popular you are? Head over to PlusClout right now.