How many times have you admired that beautiful scenario you have put as your wallpaper and wondered where this place was?

We come across images of beautiful places all the time. But mostly we just enjoy the beauty for a while and move over to the next one. Not that we didn't want to know where this place was or go there, its just that finding out the location of a place using a mere photo was near to impossible... But not any more.

Finding the locating where a photo was taken.

One of the earlier tricks was to use the Exif data embedded in the image by the camera. But this need not be accurate at all. Google image search makes it really simple. Image search was invented by Google to search and find images similar to a user's image. And a side-feature that came out was the ability to guess the location where the image was taken. Here's how to do it -

Just go to Google image search and do a drag&drop of any image either from your desktop or a browser window into the search bar. Hit search and Google will show a best guess of the image location in the search results where ever possible.

Now keep in mind that Google won't be able to locate any and every photo you give it. The guess is derived using location data of similar images that match the user image. So if you take a photo of your backyard and expect Google to tell your city name, it might not work!!

But still Google does an excellent job and can locate most of the famous places of the world. Even when it is unable to tell the exact location, the search results usually include enough clues for you to guess the actual location easily. Here's a video to make it easier-