Open Multiple Web Sites At Once With A Single Click
For most of us, there are a few websites that we visit every day. How good it is if you can open all these web sites together with a single click from your browser.
Now You Can Add Photos To Your Tweets
Twitter now allows you to add photos in your tweets similar to facebook. This tutorial shows you how to upload photos to Twitter and add photos to your tweets.
How to Track Childrens Facebook Activity Easily
Social networking can be real evil for children. The trick is to track your childrens facebook activity easily and guide them to the right path.
How To Watch IPL Season 4 On Computer
Missing your favorite IPL moments in office? Not to worry as all matches are being streamed live on the Internet.
Gmail Motion Prank Now Real
Gmail Motion prank by google is now turned to reality by the techies at the Institute of Creative Technologies.
Entertaining 404 Error Pages
Creative 404 Error pages that could make you laugh instead of bumping your head.
Popup Box For Login Screen
A ready-made simple to use javascript based popup box to show login screen.
Facebook For Google Chrome Extension
Facebook for Chrome is an extension for Google Chrome browser that lets you see your facebook updates irrespective of what website you are currently browsing.
New Indian Rupee Symbol
Indian Rupee now has a new symbol. Now you can use it in your word and other documents as well.
Play Katamari in Google Chrome on any Website
Getting bored working hard? Try this game then.
Birds eye view with Bing maps far ahead of Google
Did you ever find Google maps satellite pictures to be a little too blurry and buildings look like rectangles? Well you should try out Bing maps. The birds eye view will really make you say ... Wow
Cool things you didnt know VLC media player can do
VLC is one of the most popular media players in the world because of its ability to play almost anything thrown at it without much hiccups. You will be surprised to find that there are a lot of other things that VLC can do. Many of these are so useful you might already have searched a lot for alternate softwares to do these.
USB Condoms to protect PCs from Virus Infections
A super cool Condom for USB drives to prevent computers from virus infections. Anit-virus for flash drives is not new, but the condom concept by Ko-Yang definitely rocks.
How to Add ReCaptcha in a Popup Box
Easy to use implementation of showing recaptcha in a javascript popup box,
Internet and WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Internet has been nominated for this years Nobel Peace Prize. WikiLeaks seems to the nearest competitor.