Metro UI is one of the main additions to Windows 8 and with the Metro UI comes the apps. Apps are simple programs which usually wont need any administrator privileges. But what if a special app you want to run needs admin privileges to work fine?

For programs, you could right click on a program and use the "Run as Administrator" option. But what about the apps in Windows 8 Metro screen?

Easy peacy ... There is a right click option available for apps too. Only it doesn't show a popup menu near the mouse, but as a strip at the bottom of the screen. Of course, the options here are limited, but one of them is "Run as Administrator".

Apart from the "Run as Admin" option, there are additional options for unpinning the app, uninstalling the app and opening new windows too in the right click bar.

Running apps as administrator should be a rare scenario. So make sure the app that needs admin privileges is safe and from a reliable source before hitting the "Run as Administrator" button. A malicious rogue app could do some real damage when run as administrator.