How-To Guides

How to Search And Watch Latest Official Movie Trailers.
Search and find "Just Released" official Hollywood movie trailers easily.
How to Send Emails Using Perl Via
How to send emails using perl via Using the standard NET::SMP::SSL won't work because uses STARTTLS.
Create a Gag Yourself With GooGags Gag Maker.
Gag Maker is a simple and easy to use tool from googags using which any body can create their own gags.
How to Add Google+ Comments to Your Wordpress Blog And Improve Readership.
The best wordpress plugin to add Google+ comments to your wordpress blog. It is fully customizable with features you won't find with other plugins.
How to Type Symbols Like Smiley, Copyright, TradeMark etc Using Keyboard.
Did you know you could just type a smiley, copyright symbol or a trademark directly from your keyboard. Here's how to do it along with the most useful ones.
Embed YouTube Videos Like in Google+ And Reduce Page Load Time.
Embedding YouTube videos like in Google+ can significantly improve page load time. This trick will let you do it without changing any existing website code.
Make YouTube Videos Auto-Resize in a Responsive Site Layout.
Simple trick to make all embedded YouTube videos in your website to be auto-resizing without changing any code.
How to Read All Your Facebook Notifications In Feedly.
Import all your Facebook notifications as RSS feed to feedly so you won't miss any updates.
How to Track and Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows 8 Phone.
Lost your windows 8 phone? Don't worry, you can track it in a map, forcefully ring it, lock it or even erase it remotely.
Switch Google Accounts Without Logging Off In Chrome.
Do you want to switch between your Google accounts without logging off or using a different browser? Here's how to do it in Google Chrome.
How to Backup All Your Youtube Videos to Google Drive.
Integrate Google Drive as a backup for the originals of your YouTube videos without having to do double uploads.
Automatically Mark Old Unread Emails in Your Gmail as Read.
Fed up with unread emails piling up your Gmail inbox? Automatically nold emails as read using this simple Google script.
Backup & Archive Gmail Emails to Google Drive As Pdf.
Archive emails in any Gmail label to your Google drive as pdf files easily with this trick. This includes email and attachments as well.
Add Calculator App to Your Windows 8 Metro UI Screen.
Looking for a calculator app on your Windows 8 Metro UI startup screen? Calculator² is the best calculator app you want.
Speed up Slow File Transfer between Your Android Phone and PC, iPhone.
Make file transfer from your android phone to PC or iPhone 20x faster using Wifi with this simple to use trick.
Sticky Sidebar Scroll Jquery Plugin - Stop Sidebar Scroll at End.
A cool jquery plugin to make your sidebar stop scrolling when sidebar content reaches it's end.