How-To Guides

Make Internet Explorer Autocomplete Show More Than 5 URL Suggestions.
Starting IE 9 (9, 10), the autocomplete feature only shows a maximum of 5 URL suggestions. Here's how you can make IE show the full list.
How to Disable User Auto Login in Windows 8.
Quick trick to prevent and disable Windows 8 automatically logging into the last use account who shut down the computer.
How to Auto Delete Old Emails In Any Gmail Label.
Simple trick to add auto delete feature to Gmail labels so old emails get purged automatically after a certain time.
Disable Sharing Google Drive Folders After Expiry Date Automatically.
This trick will help you create shared google drive folders whose sharing will automatically expire at the time you want.
Share Your Gmail Inbox without Giving Away or Sharing Your Password
Grant access to your Gmail Inbox securely without sharing or giving away your password with Google's delegate email feature.
How to Open Firefox Settings, History, Bookmarks, Options in Tabs.
Simple trick to have Firefox settings, bookmarks, history etc open up in tabs instead of separate modal windows.
How To - Install Addons or Extensions in Thunderbird - Short Guide.
Step by step short guide on installing addons or extensions in mozilla Thunderbird.
Get a Confirmation Dialog Before Deleting Email in Thunderbird.
Avoid accidental email deletions in thunderbird by adding a delete confirmation dialog.
How to Use Your Old Sim Card in iphone 5.
You can only use a nano SIM card on an iPhone 5. Here's a simple trick to convert your old normal or micro SIM cards to a nano one without spending a single dime.
How to Install UnOfficial Chrome Extensions
Simple trick to install Google Chrome extensions from outside the chrome store.
Create Animated Gif Images from Video.
Learn how to create animated gif images from a video.
How to See a Website Source Code in Your iPad or iPhone.
Easy trick to view the source code of any website directly in the Safari browser of your iPhone or iPad.
Turn Off and Disable URL Suggestions and Autocomplete in Firefox.
Learn how to disable Firefox url suggestions and auto completes when ever you type in the address bar.
Set Full Screen Mode by Default for IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
Love the full screen mode of Firefox, Chrome, IE or Opera? Here's how you can set full screen as default, so when ever you open your browser, it opens in full screen by default.
How to Create, Merge, Expand Or Shrink Partitions in Windows 7, 8, Vista.
Learn how to create, merge, expand, shrink and delete partitions in Windows 7, windows 8 or vista without using any third party tools. Creating partitions even helps save data in case of a hard disk corruption as well.
Disable Thumbnails for Most Visited Sites in New Tab Page in Firefox.
Do you want to disable showing thumbnails for most visited sites in the new tab page of firefox? Here's the most easiest way to do this.