Gags are one of the strong reasons you want to visit your social networking site daily. Be it Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you are always looking forward to some entertainment. Now almost anybody would have a funny idea in his mind, but only less than 5% of people actually go ahead and create something entertaining. Reason is - NOT EVERYBODY IS AN ARTIST OR A PHOTOSHOP EXPERT.

But here's a free online tool that can bring out the gagger in you - GooGags gag maker. The best part about the gag maker is that even a dumb child can make something out of it.

gag maker googags

The layout is simple. On the right you have the canvas on which you are going to draw your gag. On the left you have a toolbox with items like funky heads, backgrounds, text, shapes etc which you can add to the canvas. To add an item from the toolbox, just click on it and it will appear on the canvas. You can use the mouse to drag and position items on the canvas. Items can also be re-sized or flipped as well.

Advanced options are available with each item. For instance, you can change the background color, size of text, choose fonts, text alignment etc. But for most people, the defaults in the gag maker would be more than enough. Here's a video showing the gag maker live so you get a better picture.

So go ahead and try out the gag maker and let me know as comments.