How-To Guides

How to Reset Firefox to Default State To Fix Problems.
Firefox reset makes it like a freshly installed one with few additional stuff retained like your bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords and form data.
Enable Video Thumbnail Preview in Windows Explorer.
Is your Windows Explorer not showing thumbnails of all video formats? Here is an easy fix that enables preview for almost any video format out there.
How to Find Out The Location in a Photo.
Did you ever wanted to know the location of that beautiful place you saw in a photo? Here's an easy way to find out using Google image search.
Preview PDF Files in Windows 7 Explorer Without Actually Opening them.
PDF preview support does not exist in Windows 7 explorer by default. This useful tool can add PDF support to Windows explorer, Office and Outlook.
How to Block Any Person in Gmail.
Did you ever want to block a person or email id in Gmail from harassing you with never-ending emails ignoring your "Not-Interested" replies?
Post and Receive Google+ Update via SMS Text Message.
Missing Google+ updates when away from your monitor? Now you can post and receive Google+ updates on your mobile using SMS text messages.
Animated Gif Image in Google+ Cover Photo or Banner.
Simple trick to add animated gif images as your Google+ cover photo.
Hidden Themes in Windows 7 - Unlock Now.
Did you know Windows 7 has many hidden themes? This simple trick will unlock these hidden themes for you.
How to Redial in Android.
Easy trick to add a re-dial button on your android phone.
Make Your Facebook Profile More Attractive.
Learn how you can make your Facebook profile more attractive and beautiful.
Google Search For Internet Explorer.
Finding it difficult to add Google search in Internet Explorer? Here's the easy way to do it.
Try Paid Apps in Android For Free.
Want to try out a paid android app without actually buying? There is a simple way to do it and its perfectly legal too.
How to Install Metro Apps.
Simple guide on how you can install metro apps for Windows 8.
How to Watermark Your Word Documents.
Learn how to watermark a word document so you get due credit for all your hard work and keep away copycats.
How to Change Android Font.
Bored of the default Android phone font? Learn how to change your android font to one of more than 200 fonts.
Run Apps in a Split Screen in Windows 8.
Learn how to run Windows 8 apps in a split screen on the side of your desktop.