Would you believe that more than 90% of bar going people have stolen or considered taking away glassware to make that night out special? The stylish tempting glass-wares coupled with an alcohol socked brain makes almost anyone go for it.

But Swedish cider maker Kopperberg has come out with an innovative solution inspired from Mission Impossible's self exploding secret messages.

Kopperberg anti theft glass

What they did was to fit a gadget to their every glass in the bar. The gadget works using wireless technology and continuously measures it's nearness to a server placed in the bar. And if someone takes it out and goes beyond 100 meters, the gadget will start crying out and explodes ink on the thief.

After releasing a new set of custom designed glasses in its outlets, Kopparberg noticed the new glasses starting to disappear. What was first taken as a compliment soon turned out to be a disaster as the bars struggled to keep stock of the glasses. With the new gadget which wraps itself around the glass, anybody ignoring the friendly warning is sure to get caught red-handed.

According to Kopparberg, they won't take the matter further as long as the glass is returned. Source: psfk