When Bill Gates met Steeve Jobs..
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs met up the other day and had a small chat. Can you guess what these master entrepreneurs talked about
A Programmers Approach to Anti-Corruption Protest.
A programmer protesting against corruption in the C programming language.
What all Happens in 60 Seconds Over The World
Did you know all these happens in each minute that passes away?
World's First Virtual Store
A virtual store where you can shop all day without having to wait in queue to pay the bill.
Who Takes the Big Money In Music Industry
Reality check: For every $1000 in music sold, the musician gets only $23.
Funny 404 Error Page From TechCrunch
Very Funny 404 Not found page from TechCrunch. 100$ if you don't smile seeing this!!
An Arial View of Twitter and Flickr Users Around The World
A stunning map created from Twitter and Flickr activity of people around the world.
Call From Computer To Any Phone For FREE
Ever heard of a website which allows FREE PHONE CALLS? EVAPhone service now allows you to make calls from PC to any phone in world for FREE. Don't miss to try it out.
How Do Geeks Meditate
How do geeks meditate and relax their minds? This comic from Joy of Tech would give you some idea.
Good Posture While Using your Laptop
If you use your laptop computer for extended hours, watch these animated videos as they offer easy tips on how you can maintain a more healthy sitting posture.