Most people thing of programming as an easy going job just sitting on a chair and punching on the keyboardSmile. But only programmers know the real hardships of fellow programmers... and the same can be said for the jokes that make programmer's laugh. See if you too can understand them.

1. A software enginners day.


2. Who is a programmer


3. That's what it is.


4. It's true... technically.


5. Where programmers hang out.


6. Programmers are humans too.


7. Hmmmm.


8. Brace for backlash.


9. Don't believe, try it yourself!


10. There is something always missing when we count.. 0,1,2,3


11. Good luck getting an explanation for this.


12. The greatest programmer of all times!


13. And he is the only living person who can do that.


14. Once upon a time in the west...


15. Instructions for buying eggs.


16. SQL clubbing.


17. Friends of UNIX.


18. How we see games.


19. The two species of programmers.


20. Wife according to HTML programmer!