How to Stop Push Notifications From Firefox.
Here's how you can disable push notifications from Firefox at different levels.
Easy Trick to Turn Your Browser Into a Notepad
You can easily convert one of your browser tabs into a notepad to quickly take down notes.
How to Enable Do not Track Feature of Firefox in PC, Android and MAC.
Do not track feature in Firefox helps protect your privacy by asking websites not to track your private information.
How to Open Firefox Settings, History, Bookmarks, Options in Tabs.
Simple trick to have Firefox settings, bookmarks, history etc open up in tabs instead of separate modal windows.
Turn Off and Disable URL Suggestions and Autocomplete in Firefox.
Learn how to disable Firefox url suggestions and auto completes when ever you type in the address bar.
Super Start - A Better Way To Organize Your Bookmarks in Firefox.
Super Start is a cool new Firefox plugin that helps you organize and access your bookmarks better. Similar to the "New Tab Page", it shows your bookmarks as thumbnails on every new tab.
Disable Thumbnails for Most Visited Sites in New Tab Page in Firefox.
Do you want to disable showing thumbnails for most visited sites in the new tab page of firefox? Here's the most easiest way to do this.
Set Maximum Number of Tabs in Firefox.
MaxTabs is a Firefox addon to limit the number of tabs you can open in your firefox browser. It is the perfect solution if you encounter tab-madness too often.
How to Reset Firefox to Default State To Fix Problems.
Firefox reset makes it like a freshly installed one with few additional stuff retained like your bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords and form data.
How to Mute all Sounds From Firefox Browser.
Does the sudden sounds played automatically by flash websites or ads drive you crazy? Here's the perfect trick to mute all sounds from your Firefox browser.
View Multiple Websites In a Single Page.
Learn how to view all your favorite websites together without requiring you to switch between tabs or windows.
How to Make Firefox do Spell Check Everywhere.
Did you know that Firefox doesn't do spell-check on single line text input fields? But you can easily make Firefox do spell-check everywhere to avoid unnoticed mistakes.
How to Get Full URL In Firefox 7 Address Bar.
Firefox 7 shows a shortened URL by default in address bar with http and https removed. If you don't feel comfortable, here is how you can easily make Firefox 7 show the full URL.