Anatomy of a Perfect Website.
Did you know there are 525,998,433 websites in the Internet?
How to View WebP Images
WebP - a revolutionary image format from Google with anywhere between 20-30% smaller size than JPEG or PNG.
Have You Seen Youtube's New HTML5 Video Player?
Take a test drive of Youtube's new HTML5 player.
Best Browser Games Powered By HTML5.
Top 10 HTML5 based browser games for you. Perfect thing to do when bored of work.
Access Blocked Websites at Your Office or Home Easily.
Are you blocked from accessing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc at work or at home? Here is a super cool trick to access any blocked website easily.
Read QR Codes Directly From Browser Without Using Phone.
Easy way to read QR codes directly from browser without using a mobile phone with QR reader.
Block Specific Domains From Being Stored in Firefox History.
Do you visit sites on a shared computer that you don't want other's to know? Here is a cool extension for Firefox that can block history for specific domains.
QR Code for Your Name, Address, Blog or Anything
A guide to QR codes - creating and using them innovatively to promote your own business, website or blog.
Movieplex - A Free Indian Bollywood Movie Portal From Yahoo
Yahoo launches Movieplex - a new movie channel with free streaming new and old Indian Bollywood movies.
How To Share Big Files Over The Internet
Learn how you can share big files easily with your friends and colleagues over the internet with and without using e-mail
How To Backup Emails On USB Drive Easily
How frustrating it is when you need some info from a mail and you dont have internet access. Well you can now access all of your emails anywhere, anytime with a few easy steps.
Top 10 Richest Technology Brands
Google was the undisputed king dominating the top of the list of technology companies for 4 consecutive years. But this year it all changed and we have a new champion in 2011. Eager to see who?
Recharge Prepaid Mobile Online For Free at
Recharge your pre-paid mobile virtually for free. The full amount is compensated as coupons from major food joints and retailers like McDonalds, Dominos etc.
Opera - The Perfect Browser For Slow Connections.
Opera turbo gives a faster browsing experience, taking less out of your pockets at the same time.