QR code is an interesting way for exchanging information using an image. Filled with small dots, it won't make much sense to a the human eye, but the hidden data can be easily seen in your mobile or computer using a decoder application.

Advantages of QR codes

Created by Denso Wave, QR codes are now fast replacing the older bar codes. Unlike bar codes which represents data in the form of vertical lines, QR codes use little dots. This enables packing the same amount of data in a lesser image area. For instance, see the bar code and the corresponding QR code for the word "Skipser" below.

Innovative Use of QR code

The same QR code can be used innovatively. You can easily incorporate your business card, blog details, website link or basically anything you want to promote into a QR code.

For instance, see the QR code created for Skipser website as below.

If you try to read this QR code using a decoder on your PC or mobile phone, you will see the info as shown here.

QR code can be a great way to promote your stuff. You can put your blog/website addresses as a QR code in print ads - people can just point their cell phone cameras towards the QR code and visit the your website directly without typing anything.

You can print your QR code on common items like T-Shirts, coffee cups, plates, business card etc. The "Hidden" nature of QR code is always a temptation for people to take a peek.

How to create you QR code

Creating a QR code is very easy. Just visit the qrstuiff website.  Select one of the options (text, url, telephone number, google map location ... etc), type what you need in the text box and the QR code image will appear on the right side which you can download to your computer.

You can also choose your own colours as well, but darker shades are preferable for easier decoding.

How to decode and see information in QR code

Free apps are available for android phonesiPhones and other mobiles with java support that can decode and show information from QR code. Just open the app, point your phone camera towards the QR code and you will see what's inside.

If you have a QR code image on your computer, free on-line services like zXing can be used for decoding.

Finally don't miss this short video of an innovative resume done by Max using QR code-

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