Simple trick to extend the range of your wireless network with a spare second router...read more.
Wireless routers typically have ranges of 100 feet or more., however there are many factors that can make your signal strength and range go down. Fortunately, there are many easy methods you can use to boost your signal strength...read more.
Facebook CEO Mark Zukerburg has joined Google Plus, it's most dreaded enemy... and on top of it is the most followed person in Google Plus. Can you believe it?..read more.
Ever heard of a website which allows FREE PHONE CALLS? EVAPhone service now allows you to make calls from PC to any phone in world for FREE. Don't miss to try it out...read more.
Have lot of stuff in your windows drive that you want to hide from others? Here is a simple technique with which you can hide your windows drives easily...read more.
Google's page rank is a mark given to each website around the world. Google was at the top with 10/10 till now. Recently, Facebook seems to have beaten Google in it's own game...read more.
Google books provide tons of free books for reading only. Now you can easily download these books as pdf or image to your computer for free...read more.
An easy and simple way to share your desktop screen with some one else directly over the internet. You can remote control your partner, show your desktop to a partner or transfer files between computers...read more.
We all carry our USB drives around. Instead of the usual boring unattractive sticks, why not carry one of these creative USBs which will also make a style statement for you...read more.
Badly want to restore a file you deleted earlier? There is hope. Windows doesn't remove data immediately when you delete a file. Here is an easy to use tool that can recover your deleted files quickly...read more.
Deleting a file in windows only makes it invisible. Here is a simple to use tool to permanently erase files and prevent your confidential files from getting into wrong hands...read more.
A new Windows 7 video ad features two college sweethearts, who are in different locations but manage to carry on the relationship with their laptops...read more.

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