Disable Firefox From Showing - YouTube is now fullscreen. Confirmation Message.
Simple trick to make firefox not show the "YouTube is now fullscreen. Press Esc at any time to exit." message.
How to Get an Audio Equalizer While Playing YouTube Videos.
Want to enjoy your YouTube videos better? Here's how to add an audio equalizer to get the feel you need.
Chrome now forces HTML5 for YouTube. Switch to Flash?
Chrome now forces HTML5 player for all YouTube videos. Here's how you can switch to Flash.
Make any Youtube Video Playing in the Background like a Wallpaper.
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Add One Click YouTube Subscribe Button To Any Site or WordPress Blog.
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How to Search And Watch Latest Official Movie Trailers.
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Embed YouTube Videos Like in Google+ And Reduce Page Load Time.
Embedding YouTube videos like in Google+ can significantly improve page load time. This trick will let you do it without changing any existing website code.
Make YouTube Videos Auto-Resize in a Responsive Site Layout.
Simple trick to make all embedded YouTube videos in your website to be auto-resizing without changing any code.
How to Backup All Your Youtube Videos to Google Drive.
Integrate Google Drive as a backup for the originals of your YouTube videos without having to do double uploads.
The complete history of Youtube
Amazing Infographic showing YouTube's complete history starting it's creation in 2005 till date.
Simple Trick to Hide Youtube Comments.
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Prevent Youtube From Bufferring a Paused Video.
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Start a Google+ Hangout From Youtube
Youtube videos on Google+ hangout - as good as watching it together in real life.
Grandma Proof Laptop From Lenovo.
A nice and funny video from Lenovo for the ThinkPad laptop.
Black Theme for Youtube Video Player.
Youtube recently added a new dark theme for it's video player. You can also switch to the new theme for videos you have added in your blog or website.
Youtube's Statistics on Traffic, Monetization, Parner Channels etc
The updated YouTube press page offers new statistics around YouTube’s Partner program, Content ID, mobile growth, monetization and more.