The audio quality of a YouTube video depends on the original upload file. And we don't care about it most of the time while watching tutorials or prank videos. But if you are a music enthusiast, I am sure you would have wished YouTube had an equalizer while watching your favorite song.

The video player (HTML5 or flash) used by YouTube doesn't provide an inbuilt equalizer. But here's a workaround for people using the Chrome browser-

The Chrome Audio Equalizer Plugin.

"Chrome Audio EQ" is an open source audio equalizer plugin for chrome. It uses the Web Audio API exposed by the browser to integrate an equalizer for any audio played by chrome's HTML5 player. Once installed you will get an equalizer icon on the top right which you can access from any browser tab.

Youtube audio equalizer

In addition to setting your own preferences, there are a few useful presets too. They are real handy for quick switches. Whenever you feel you don't need an equalizer, there is a reset button too.

Youtube audio equalizerThe only feature one could feel lacking is the inability to store custom equalizer settings. Other than that, everything works just great. Please note that the plugin only works with the HTML5 video player and not flash. Since chrome now enforces HTML5 for YouTube videos, you should be fine. But if you have switched to flash player in chrome, the equalizer won't work.

For Firefox, IE and other browsers.

Unfortunately, Firefox exposes the audio api in a different way and no plugins have come out yet which can control the HTML5 audio. But I will be updating any new details on this space. So make sure to follow me via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email so you don't miss the update.