The best part of shopping is picking up all the stuff enjoying an ice-cream or a soft drink. The worst part is standing in a long queue at the end.

Here is one of world's first virtual store from Homeplus in Korea where you get to keep all the fun part and skip the boring queue. Although you can buy around 500 items including food, electronics, office supplies and toiletries at its new store, none of these items are actually present in the store.

Instead there are seven pillars and six platform screen doors with images of life-size store shelves filled with goods -- each carrying a small barcode. Shoppers download a related app on their smartphones and make purchases by simply scanning the barcodes using the app.

You can place an order when you go to work in the morning and they get delivered at your home by the time you are back.

In fact, you don’t have to be anywhere near the virtual store. For instance, if you want to order replacement of your coke bottle you have in your hand, you simply scan the bottle’s barcode with the Homeplus app. It will get delivered later to your home or office.

Currently, only Android smartphone users will be able to use the service. Not that Homeplus hasn’t made an iPhone app, it’s just Steve Jobs and Co. hasn’t approved it yet.

Here is an interesting video explaining the new concept-

Source: Amusingplanet