Selecting a good hotel is very important to make your next trip memorable? My first instinct would be to open Google and search for "Good hotels in ---". Picking one from the yellow pages and reviews in the search results is not a huge task, but not a very easy one either.

Google's HOTEL FINDER makes hotel search not only easy, but fun as well. The main search input is the location, but you can further refine your search with dates, price and class details as well.

Hotel Finder delivers the top hotels matching your criteria both as a list and on a custom Google Map. The map also allows selecting specific areas and Hotel Finder will show you the hotels only in that area.

it also highlights popular areas on the map results. These “tourist spotlights,” can be used to select an optimal zone for you to stay in.

To make it short, here's how Hotel Finder can help you -

1. Selecting the perfect spot: Compare areas using a map and select the best from the highlighted tourist spots. If you are a crowd hater, you could go for the darker areas as well.

2. Comparing hotels: Google's usual keyboard shortcuts ("J" and "K") can be used to quickly flip through the list of hotels in your search results. Click on a hotel and Hotel Finder will show you its pictures, exact address and even reviews. You can also build a shortlist of hotels to compare further. Shortlisted hotels are marked with a red dot in the map, and appear at the top of the page in the shortlist view.

3. Get the best deals: In addition to the cost per night, Hotel finder also shows a comparison of the listing price with historic price. For each hotel, Google calculates by how much, the current price is lower or above the usual price and shows it as a percentage - Perfect for bargain hunters.

4. Booking: A "Book" button available for each hotel. Both direct booking link and those from partner sites are shown on clicking the "Book" button. Partner sites are preferable as you could get further discounts and offers.

What ever it may be - official tour, family holiday or even your kid's birthday party, Hotel Finder is the best option to to find the best hotel with the best deal. And With Google's street view going off the road, a virtual stroll thorough the hotel instead of pictures should also not be far. Google has already announced plans extend street view to businesses as well.

Take a look at this short video showing the features or try Hotel Finder right now. Do let me know your opinion as comments