Pinterest has grown exponentially after its launch and users are pinning photos from all over. Most blog owners are also thrilled because Pinterest has brought in lots of new readers to their sites.

But along with the goodies, there is another serious issue which many people are complaining about - copyrighted photos getting circulated without permission. Since anybody has access to a copyrighted photo you have published, it may seem there is nothing you can do.

But with the growing copyright concerns, Pinterest has released a new feature that can be used to prevent your copyrighted photos from being pinned.

Generic way to disable pinning.

You can easily disable images from any web page from being pinned by adding the following meta tag within the <head> section.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

Once added, any user trying to pin photos from this page will get this error message.

Disabling pinning in Wordpress sites.

If you are using wordpress and you are not that comfortable editing html code, you can easily achieve this using the "Pinterest Block" wordpress plugin. Once installed, you can choose the level of blocking you want on your site from the plugin's options panel.

Once you choose the options suitable for your site, click on "Save Settings" button and users will get the same error message as above when they try to pin images from your site.

You can either search for "Pinterest block" from your Wordpress admin panel or download the plugin using this link -

Download Pinterest Block.


Most people pin copyrighted images because they are not aware the image is copyrighted. This simple block mechanism will definitely help you breath easy while publishing photos in your site. But to prevent people distributing your copyrighted photos intentionally, the only way out is to add your own watermark text or image on the photo.

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