What would you do if you could edit any website?

I would definitely surprise my friends with a news in yahoo.com having a picture of me and Mark Zukerberg with my hand over his shoulder which reads - "The second largest stake holder and secret co-creator of Facebook reveals himself". That would be one funny moment :-)

Well, you can actually change what you see in a browser if you are an expert with HTML, firebug etc. But instead taking weeks or months learning these, there is an easier trick - a bookmarklet that allows you to edit any website directly from your browser without knowing any of these.

Edit this page – Drag this link to your browsers bookmarks toolbar.

Now load any website and once loaded, press the "Edit this page" button and magic - you can now change any text in the page, move images around or add new text where ever you want. Here's me hacking Wikipedia -

If you are trying to get naughty, make sure you don't refresh your page. The moment you refresh, the page gets loaded again and all your changes will be gone. So try it out and let me know how your surprise went!!!