Opera's power user settings first appeared in version 19, but Opera has chosen not to talk much about it. Mostly because they don't want you to play with these settings and stand a chance to damage your browser.

But still, if you want to enable power user settings, opera has implemented the konami cheat code as a shortcut.

Using Konami code to enable power settings in opera.

  1. First visit the opera://settings page.
  2. Remove the mouse cursor from the search box by clicking on any area outside the search box.
  3. Type the following -
    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ←→ ←→ b a
    The arrows correspond to the up,bottom,right,left buttons on your keyboard.
  4. You will now be shown a warning window which essentially tells you that the feature needs to be used with care and could break your Opera browser if not used carefully. Click on the "I understand" button and you are done.

Enable power user settings opera

You will now see all the power user settings along with others. The power user options will be specially marked with a warning sign.

The power user settings will be visible only for the current session. They will again be hidden the next time you open the settings page. If you don't want to type the konami code every time, make sure to tick the "Always show power user settings" option.