Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10. Unlike its predecessor (Internet Explorer), benchmarks report it as faster and more efficient compared to Chrome and Firefox. But still a lot of us have our favorite browsers and would like to stick with them.

Make Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera the default browser in windows 10.

Windows doesn't ship with Chrome or Firefox. So you have to install them yourself and all browsers usually give an option to make it the default browser on startup. A single click is usually what it takes.

default firefox browser in windows 10But let's say you didn't chose this option and later on you want to make Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera or any other browser as the default. There are 2 ways to do this in Windows 10

Change default browser from "Default App Settings"

  1. First type "default app" in the search bar.
  2. Select "Default App Settings" at the top of the list.
  3. Scroll down to browsers section, tap on the existing "Windows Edge" and choose the alternate browser you want.
  4. The selected browser is now your default browser.

Here's a visual demo-

CHange default browser in windows 10

Change default browser from "Default Programs"

  1. First type "default programs" in the search bar and select it from top of the list.
  2. Click on "Set your default programs".
  3. Select your browser in the left pane (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera) and click on "set this program as default".
  4. That's it, you have now changed your default browser.

Here's a visual demo-

default firefox browser in windows 10NOTE: Microsoft might not provide the simple control panel when Windows 10 is released. This is still undecided yet, but we will keep this page updated with the developments.