Google's auto-complete suggestions can turn out so funny some times. Last time, we had seen what Google thinks about Barack Obama. But what does it think about its counterparts - Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and others? Here's a clue -

1. Facebook.
Google+ effect seems to be playing here!!
2. Twitter.
Is Google becoming racist???

3. Yahoo.
Seems to be a never-mind. Yahoo no longer a competition?

4. Youtube.
Did Google forget it has bought Youtube???
5. GMail
Nothing to beat it yet!!
6. Windows.
Lots of people would agree actually!!!!
7. Google.
And finally what Google thinks about itself. Well, not that bad compared to others ^_^.

Although Google's search has always been state of the art and very accurate for most part, the search suggestions doesn't seem to follow that path. Should auto-complete show proper search suggestions or it should show what most people search? The debate can go long because in democracy, its the majority opinion that counts even if the majority are idiots!!!

Please do add in what you think as comments below.