Do you remember the telephone spying trick in the old time movies?

The hero would make a call to the room where the bad guys are discussing their next evil plot. The villain would pick up without getting any answer to many "hello, who is this" dialogs and after two or three such calls, he would just leave the receiver on the desk hoping to end the disturbing calls. And our clever hero can now hear any thing and every thing his enemies are conspiring about.

Feels so stupid now, but we really did enjoy it then. Well, the old trick has become too old to work now. But here is a cool trick for you to do some eavesdropping in the modern age using your mobile.

How to eavesdrop using mobile.

  1. First attach headphone/earphone to the mobile.
  2. Go to the phone settings and activate the Auto Answer Mode (In NOKIA it is present in Enhancement settings). For android phones, you can use this app.
  3. Now change your profile to Silent (including vibration).
  4. If your mobile has Light Off system, then turn it off as well.
  5. Now place your mobile in a hidden place and make sure that the voice of the room is audible through mobile.
  6. Whenever you want to know that what is going on in your room, just make a call to your mobile. It will automatically get picked up and you can easily hear what is going in your room.