The recent privacy changes from Google has raised many eyebrows. Although there have been some bursts here and there, most of the community is just watching silently.

Google didn't add any additions to the data collected nor did it make any changes to the way data is collected. According to the new privacy policy, Google would just be combining user data from nearly 60 of their services to provide better, interesting and relevant ads to you. Of course, it is mandatory and not optional.

That means, the Google adsense ads you are going to see when you browse a website will depend on your search history, the type of pages you have given +1, your age, your interests and much more.

How much does Google know!!

Now for many, that looks scary. I bet the question in your mind is - What does Google know and what does it think about me?

The answer is simple. Google lets you see and even modify its idea about you from the Google ad preferences manager. Just visit the page and you are in for a surprise. It will just show YOU in a nutshell - some thing like this which is me... Really freaked me out the first time.

The final impact.

Ok, so how does it matter if Google knows all these about me? The answer is simple. First, you will be seeing more and more ads really of interest to you when ever you browse websites. Second, instead of showing ads specific to what you are currently searching for, you will start to see ads which are relevant and at the same time of interest to you in Google search.

In simple terms, if I search for say "keyboard", Google would show computer keyboard ads and at the same time for a music enthusiast, Google would show musical keyboard ads. Doesn't sound that evil right?

If you are interested in details, here is a cool video from Google that explains it all.