Update: Google+ has introduced the concept of cover photos. If you are looking to add  animated cover photos to your profile, see this: Google+ cover photos - Tips & Tricks.

Who doesn't like followers on Google+? The number of people who have added you in their circles is a direct indication of how popular and interesting person you are in the social networking world.

It is very important to have an impressive profile in order to make new friends. If you see the profiles of most of the famous people, there is one thing in common - A rich profile with vibrant and catchy profile pictures.

Let's see how you can convert that good looking profile of yours to a dashing one.

One of the many hidden secrets of Google+ is that you can add animated images (Gif image files) on your profile.

Google+ allows upto 5 images with minimum size of 125x125 pixels to be added as banner images. Normally, if you upload a Gif image for any of the banner image, Google+ automatically converts it to PNG format for displaying. That means all the animation is lost.

But there is a way to avoid this conversion. The trick is to re-size your Gif files to exactly 150x150 pixels and upload them as the banner images. For this particular size alone, Google+ won't do the PNG conversion and the animated Gif images will be displayed as such.

For instance, see my Google+ profile with a rippling water Skipser logo as below.

So go ahead, do something different on your Google+ page today and earn more friends. Please don't forget to add me to your circles, so you don't miss such cool tips.