Google's magic hat has no ending to the tricks you can take out. It's April fools pranks are already famous, but now it has brought out some thing more useful.

Let's say you are really deep into some work on the computer, but want to get reminded when the soccer match starts. Usually you would turn to the good old alarm clock or your mobile phone. Not any more.. you can now simply ask Google search to remind you.

Setting alarm in Google search

Google now has an online timer built into it's search bar. The timer command has the format "timer for <time>". You can give the time in hours, minutes, seconds or combinations of these. For instance, if you want to get reminded after a hour and half, you would type on Google search -

timer for 1 hour 30 minutes

Once the count-down reaches zero, browser will sound an alarm. Options to reset and stop the timer is also available.

You can also set the alarm for a specific time (thanks to tip by G+ user Seb Mitchell). For instance, if you wan to get reminded at 2PM, you could use the command


timer for 2pm
timer for 14:00

You can also check out these online timers which can give a bit more than Google-


  • AlarmBuzz - Set multiple alarms at the same time, play a YouTube video as notification alarm and get some nice "late for work" excuses too.
  • Timer Tab - Simple and neat alarm with stopwatch as well. It can also play YouTube video as notification.
  • KuKuKlock - Simple straight forward alarm clock with a range of notification sounds you can choose from.