There are three situations when you loose all the apps on your wp7 phone.

  1. When your phone gets real slow or hangs and you attempt a hard reset.
  2. You change your phone to a new model and want to restore everything you had on your old wp7 phone.
  3. You install a custom mango wp7 ROM on your phone.

Now you can easily sync your wp7 phone music, pictures or videos using Zune. All contacts and calendar can also be synced with your services like Windows live, Google or Microsoft Exchange. The only thing you can't sync is your apps which needs to be reinstalled. Till now you had to download and reinstall your apps one by one manually - Not really a fun thing to do.

Reinstaller is a cool wp7 phone app that can help you out in such scenarios. What it does is to contact your Windows Live account, collect all the apps that have been associated with that account and present you a list. You can select which ones you need and reinstaller will automatically download and install them for you.

The interface is pretty simple and easy. The first step is to click connect and you will be asked to login to your Windows live account. There after, you can select and install all or some of your earlier apps in one touch.

So next time you have to reset your Windows phone 7 for any reason, don't  forget to come back and try out Reinstaller.

Download Reinstaller.