Re-dialing is really an annoying aspect in android phones. As soon as a call ends, you are automatically returned to the home screen. And to call the person again, you have to tap the phone icon, go to "call log" and then tap on the call icon against the first item in the list. Another option is to click on the phone icon, tap the call button for the last number to appear and tap it again to call.

The long route really adds to the frustration when you get busy tone even after many tries. It would have been so convenient if android had a redial button.

Easy re-dialing in android.

You can actually shorten the 3-click long route to a single click redial using the "Simple Redial" app. There are two flavors of the app.

  • Simple Redial
  • Simple Redial NC

"Simple Redial" app will redial the last called number after showing you the number and asking for confirmation. This makes sure you don't accidentally use redial to call a wrong person.

"Simple Redial NC" app is the same as "Simple Redial", but without the confirmation part. Tap on it and it will directly redial the last called number on your android phone. This makes it the exact counterpart of the redial button on any normal phone.

You can choose which one to install depending on your convenience. Once you install the app, just add a shortcut on your home screen and redial really becomes a single tap job.

You can search and install Simple Redial from the play store on your android phone or use these links-

Install Simple Redial.
Install Simple Redial NC.