Google has introduced a new search feature called points of interest. For instance if you search for "things to do in Bangalore", Google will now show you all major tourist places you would want to visit in Bangalore including a photo for each place. Click on any photo and details of the place will appear below.

Please note that the points of interest feature does not replace any search results and websites. The regular search results still show below the photos of tourist locations in the city. In fact, the feature and data is taken from Google maps where Google has collected the list of places of interest in different areas called as "points of interest".

An excellent tool to find out tourist locations in an area, it is a must use for travelers. Details for individual places include visiting hours, directions, address and much more. If you feel any of the details of a place is in-accurate, there is even a provision to provide feedback to Google about the specific information so it can be corrected as well.