Google's new publication platform called "Google Currents" allows Android and iOS users to read their favorite websites in a magazine like format.

Unlike an RSS reader, a "Google Currents" edition can include social media updates, videos from YouTube channels, photos and more. A big advantage is - when ever you try to read an edition, Google Currents will sync the updated content with your phone. That means the entire publication including images will be available for off-line reading.

Many publications like CNET, Huffington Post and Forbes are available by default when you start the app. In addition, you can easily search and subscribe to other available publications.

One big restriction as of now is - you need to be a US resident in order to download and use the app. But for android users, you can easily get over this restriction by downloading the app manually using the link below. Copy the downloaded file to your android device and run it to install the app. Make sure you have enabled downloading apps from "Unknown Sources" in your settings.

Download Google Currents APK.

Finally, don't forget to checkout the Skipser publication - Just point your Android Mobile's QR reader to the below code or use this link -