Posts and links on Google+ get shared and re-shared over and over, but you usually don't know how. You can see a count of people who have shared the post, but who shares and how far did your post reach?

Google+ Ripples is a new exiting feature which shows an interactive visualization of how your post has been shared. It shows the sharing process like a pebble being dropped in a pond and ripples flowing outwards.

Here is the ripple of a shared video featuring the conversation between His Holiness Dalai Lama with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Ripples also has play button which will show you the chain reaction as a video. You can also Zoom in to see more details of the sharing sequence. A scrollable list of shares on the right automatically updates with zooming, which makes it easy to find influential people and see what people are talking about.

Google has said the "View Ripples" option is available to everyone in the drop-down options for all public posts.

Looks good, but I can't see the "View Ripples" in menu.

Google seems to have limited the "View Ripples" option to US users for now. Even if you don't have the "View Ripples" option, here are two tricks for you to see the ripples of any shared post.

1. Change your language.

Go to "Google+ settings" using the gear icon on your google+ page and change the language to English (United States). Google+ will tell you the language has been updated and you need to reload. Click on the reload link and thats it. All of your posts will have the "View Ripples" option in the drop-down menu.

2. View ripples using activity Id of posts

If you don't want to change your language, you can still view ripples for any public post using the ripples URL for that pots. From the drop-down icon for any of your shared post, click on "Link to this post" -

This will open the post in a new browser tab or window. Just copy the post's activity id which is the last item in the URL of the new tab or window -

Now replace "youractivityid" in the below URL with this id and open it using a browser to see your ripples-

Sharing on Google+ is fun, but seeing how your shares ripple out is even more fun. So see it in action in the video below, or just try it out for yourself.