The big corporates have always wanted to control the Internet in their own ways with SOPA, PIPA and what not. And their main complaint is that not every one follows the law in an open Internet world.

So that brings out another question - are the big corporates really angels when it comes to following the law? The answer is a big NO and when money tries to reign over the common man, Zorros like Anonymous (hacker group) arise.

This time, it was Reliance, one of the major ISPs in India whose irregularities were brought to light by Anonymous. It seems Reliance was blocking numerous websites that were neither mandated by any court of law or government orders.

An interesting site in the list is Air India employee's protest page in Facebook. Believing that Reliance doesn't have a direct stake in Air India, were they trying to unlawfully help the government in curbing the protests?

The list also includes a lot of movie, music and torrent related sites and believe it or not, some Facebook and Orkut profiles too ... what the hell right????

Anonymous claimed that Reliance quickly realized that its block list was leaked, but it attempted to cover up the folly by unblocking those sites. In the meantime, you can checkout the link, for the entire list.

So please, don't be silent. Please pass this on to as many as you can and do let me know your opinions as comments below.