It is generally said that Facebook is to connect with friends you already know and Google+ is more about connecting with people whom you don't know yet.

So you have made a lot of friends and added them to your circles in Google+. You chat with them, see them in hangouts and comment on each others posts. Now the interesting part of befriending unfamiliar people is that you get a community of friends spread across the globe.

There would be people from US, Europe, Asia, Australia and may be even from Antarctica too!!!

Now you can find out where a Google+ user is from by looking at his profile. Google+ will show his location if he has choose not to hide it. But how cool is it if you can see the location of all your buddies in a single click?

Map My Circles is a new Google Chrome extension that lets you see where the people you have circled as a comprehensive map.

The extension adds a "Map My Circles" menu item to your Google+ sidebar on the left. The distribution of your friends are shown on a Google map with red bulls-eye dots representing each person. Just click on a dot and you can see which person is at that location.

If the map looks too congested, you can even select specific circles as well.

The most interesting part is that since the distribution is on a Google map, you can even zoom in to the level of street view and actually see the place where your new friend is from.

Now depending on the number of people you have in circles, Map My Circles could take some time to  fetch the location details of everyone. So be patient if you have thousands of friends. Another important thing is you have to refresh your Google+ page (F5) after installing the extension for the first time in order to see the "Map My Circles" menu.

So go ahead, try out and do let me know what you think as comments below.

Install Map My Circles Extension

Note: As of now, the extension only shows the map of people in your circles. It is being enhanced to show the map of people who have circled you as well. Follow us via Mail/Facebook/Google+/Twitter/RSS so you don't miss the updates.