It is too difficult to find a phone without an Internet browser nowadays, unless you own one from the 90's. But still, majority of the pople don't use their mobile phones to browse the Internet and so don't have a data plan.

So what if you have an internet-less phone and want Google something, but got stuck in a place without Internet or a computer?

Google has launched a new service that lets you search Word meanings, Movie timings, Weather Forecasts, Stock Prices and much more with a simple SMS text message. You can text your search query to a specific number and Google will text the search results back to your phone. Here's  what you get on searching for "Skipser"

The service is currently limited to the US and India. The numbers to send your search queries are

US users : 466453
Indian users : 9773300000

Google doesn't charge anything for the service, but your local SMS rates will apply. Also, you will get only one search result at a time. If you want to see the next search result, you need to reply back with the word "Next".

Although not a very convenient search option, it is handy in case of emergencies. Here are some sample queries for you to try out -

To Get the Meaning of a Word:
Define Android

To Get Sports News
Score red sox

To Get Movies Shows
Movies Washington

To Get Stock Updates
Stock tgt

If you know any number for the service in your country, please add them in using comments below.