On a recent visit to the bank, another guy was standing next to me referring to his account details stored in his phone. I was surprised to notice that the details were just stored as a contact entry.

Now how stupid is that... are there no other better ways to store sensitive data?

Most of us shy away from the heavyweight productivity apps because ... well they are heavyweight. Further more, most of the high featured notes apps out there are designed for ease of use and not for the highest security. And security goes more than just asking for a password to open a note. How your notes are stored internally and how difficult it is for another rogue app or virus to access your notes are of extreme importance.

For instance consider Google docs. You are logged into your Google account 100% of the time in your phone. Anybody who can gain access to your phone can see any of your Google doc any time.

Sec Notes - easy and simple note app.

Sec Notes strikes a balance. It is 100% secure and provides a really decent set of functionality you would ever want with a notes app. All notes are stored encrypted using NSA grade AES128 algoritm which is un-hackable Cool. You can also chose to protect/unprotected each note individually. Sec Notes gives you three types of notes - text notes, spreadsheets and checklists. All note types have all the formatting options you could wish for. Spreadsheets also support formulas. You can also set reminders for every note.

Another unique feature is automatic backups both to SD card and cloud. For cloud, you have Google Drive and Dropbox as options. This is extra peace of mind as most of us want to backup data only to trusted sources.

Now these are just some of the features. Download and try out Sec Notes from play store to find out how powerful it is.


Here's a video detailing more features -