I couldn't help laughing seeing this one from SlashGear. The story goes like this-

A Russian bought a 500Gb Samsung hard drive for an incredibly high discount. But on using it, he found that he was always loosing data after he filled up 128Mb :) So he took it to the repair center and guess what he found? See for yourself-

Inside were two heavy nuts to make the drive feel suitably weighty, along with a mere 128MB flash drive sandwiched in between rather than the few hundred gigabytes expected.

It's no wonder the Russian was always losing his data—the stick was set to a loop setting, which meant previously-saved data (all 128MB of it) would be wiped as soon as new data was saved. Morale of the story - If you get an offer too good to be true, it ain't. Well our Russian friend had to learn this the hard way though.

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