Concept designs for almost all iDevices come up every time a new product is announced by Apple. Although not original, the concepts are always much better and so into the future that they are a visual treat to the eyes.

Aatma studios have once again come up with a new concept for iPad3 about to be launched on March 7th 2012. It comes with a world of possibilities like 2560x1140 resolution, 100% screen area without frames, 3D holographic display for games and best of all - you can just combine multiple iPads together to make a single big iPad. Lets see the super cool video -

When you combine the screens, one of the iPads acts as the master controller showing part of the video in each iPad screen. So next time you go on a road trip with your friends, make sure to take all your iPads and you can watch your favourite movies big screen together while you camp. 

The same Aatma studios had previously come out with a similar concept design video for iPhone5 too which boasts more than 4 million views. If you have not already seen the video showcasing a sleeker design, laser keyboard and holographic display, make sure you watch this -

Here are some other iPad concepts from various designers that had popped up in the interner before.

iPhone like design.


Ultra thin with white metallic back.

Transparent iPad

Aqua design for iPad

Sleek and black.

So which of these would you like to have in your next iPad? Please do let me know your opinions as comments below.