When you take a picture with a digital camera, your camera embeds additional information into the picture such as an original thumbnail, camera model, date, time taken etc. This additional information is called meta data.

There are many occasions when you don't want such meta data in your images. E.g. When you are uploading personal images for sharing or posting pictures in your blog etc. Your edited image might only show your head, but the embedded thumbnail will have the full view exactly as your camera took it.

To avoid such cases, you can use this lightweight and easy to use free tool - image MetaData Stripper available for Windows and Mac.

Simple to use, it supports all common image formats like JPG, PNG etc. Just drag and drop the image or add image(s) using the file dialog and it will strip off all meta data from the image.

Removing meta data only removes the extra bytes and doesn't alter the image quality in any way.

For each file you give to MetaData Stripper, it will instantly remove the meta data and show you how much data was removed from each image.