Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 had reached 10 Million users in just 12 days. Most of us including you and me have a personal Google+ account by now. But unlike Facebook and twitter, the one thing that makes Google+ not-so-personal is - your profile URL doesn't have your username.

Google+ uses 21 digit number as user identifier in profile URLs.

For instance, skipser can be found on Facebook and Twitter as and
But my Google+ url is

Google+ doesn't allow email based user search. That means if you have a unique name, you could get away by asking people to search for your name. Otherwise you are stuck with a big number which you have no hope to remember. is a free shortlink generator that can solve this problem for you. Give your 21 digit Google+ id and a convenient nick name (between 3 and 25 characters) and Gplus will give you a url like

Surely Google+ could come out with personal usernames some time in future, but till then is the perfect solution to common users like you and me.