The only way to make your wireless network secure is by using a security password. But still you never know if somebody has hacked into it and is using your wireless bandwidth. Most times, the only symptoms of a bandwidth theft would be an unexpected occasional slow downloads; which you will easily misjudge to be of some other cause.

WIreless Network Watcher is a free utility that can be used to check and detect wireless bandwidth theft easily. It scans your wireless network and shows you a list of computers and other wireless devices that are currently connected to your wireless network.

On starting Wireless Network Watcher, it automatically detects your wireless adapter and starts to scan your network. Just wait for a few seconds and devices connected to the network will start to appear one by one.

For every device, it's IP address, MAC address, Network adapter model and the Device name (computer name in case of a computer) is displayed. You can easily find out any unidentified laptop or computer from this list. Just run the utility next time you run your computer and check for any UFOs when ever you feel a wireless bandwidth theft happening.

If you are experiencing different wireless network speeds in different locations of your house, you might want to try out a few tricks that can increase the range of your wireless network.