Did you see an unexpected porn picture on your Facebook wall shared by a friend?

More and more Facebook users are reporting their news feeds flooded with adult content including porn and animal abuse pictures. The spreading of these pornography contents started a few days ago leaving its users angry and disgusted. Its only just the general users who have been affected, but even celebrities as well. Director Courtney Zio told -

I have 5000 friends. My feed is littered with porn. I can’t even check my news feed with anyone around because of it.

A side effect of the scam was the not-me messages spreading viral across the network where people are trying to warn each other.

Considered to be a spam attack, fingers are pointed to the Anonymous hactivist which had announced a Fawkes virus to break Facebook as a Youtube video.

So if you also see any unexpected not-so-normal photos from your Facebook friends, don't click on it but mark it as spam. Also, if you notice any content you might not have shared, chances are your account has been hacked. You would want to change your Facebook password immediately.